Sports Medicine


In order to be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics at Pfeiffer University all student athletes must create a profile on the Sportsware Online website and fill out the forms provided. All documents must be filled out online no later than August 1, 2019. Instructions for creating the online profile are linked below. Please refer to the lists below to know what paperwork is required of each student athlete (returning vs. new/transfering); all of these forms can be found on Sportsware Online once a profile has been created and approved. Please allow PUSM staff 24-48 hours to approve requests to join Sportsware Online. If you have any questions, please call the Athletic Training Room at (704) 463-3215.


Each year all student athletes are required to partake in concussion education, a part of that education is reading the NCAA fact sheet below.  Please take the time to read and understand.  If you have any questions please contact a member of the Sports Medicine Staff


All Pfeiffer student athletes are required to have a copy of their sickle cell test results on file with the Sports Medicine Staff.  As of 1990, all newborns are automatically tested for sickle cell.  Below are some links to help you find your results instead of having to redo the test.  Also available is the NCAA Sickle Cell fact sheet; please take the time to read this to further educate yourself on the importance of knowing your sickle cell status.


The NCAA bans classes of drugs because they can harm student athletes and can create an unfair advantage in competition.  Some legitimate medications, like those that treat ADD/ADHD, contain NCAA banned substances, and student athletes may need to use these medicines to support their academics and their general health.  If a student athlete indicates on their health history form that they have ADD/ADHD, they will need to obtain certain information described in the form below from their prescribing physician.  Any returning student athlete with ADD/ADHD will only need to provide a letter from their prescribing physician indicating that they are continuing to receive treatment.